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EG Radio February 7 2012: Liveable Ottawa | Shell oil rig Alaskan disaster

February 7, 2013 Leave a comment

This week on Earthgauge Radio, we’re talking about the Shell drilling rig that ran aground near Alaska’s Kodiak Island at the end of December and we discuss the City of Ottawa’s “Liveable Ottawa” plan. We also have a special guest editorial from columnist David Roberts who will explain why climate science is Nate Silver and U.S. politics is Karl Rove.

It was bad enough that Shell demonstrated total ineptitude when their Kullik oil rig started leaking crude oil into the Alaskan wilderness but as Rachel Maddow of MSNBC tells us, this story just keeps getting weirder and weirder. Now it appears the accident may have been a result of Shell trying to pull a fast one on the state government to avoid paying taxes. The damaged Kulluk drillship is a key part of Royal Dutch Shell’s ambitious plan to drill for oil in two parts of the Arctic Ocean.

Later in the show we talk to Trevor Haché of Ecology Ottawa about the Liveable Ottawa initiative that this city has launched recently. Starting in 2013, the City of Ottawa will begin its review of the strategic documents that guide the development of our city. They include the Official Plan, Transportation Master Plan, Infrastructure Master Plan, Cycling Plan and Pedestrian Plan. When completed, the Building a Liveable Ottawa 2031 project will set the directions, policies and affordability priorities that will influence the future of the city for years to come. To help with this process, the City is looking for input from citizens like you and me. So if you care about pedestrian infrastructure, cycling and public transportation now is the time to pay attention to what is happening at Ottawa City Hall. Email if you want to get involved or contribute your input to the Liveable Ottawa Master Plan.

Trevor Haché interview (right click here to download):

We also have a special guest editorial from the excellent climate, energy and political columnist David Roberts of Remember Nate Silver? The guy who perfectly predicted the outcome of the recent U.S. election state by state? Republicans dismissed the science of his projections and yet he was exactly right. Well, David Roberts sees a parallel with climate science and those who refuse to believe it.

Of course we also have our usual update from Kathy of Ecology Ottawa on local environmental events and campaigns.

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Right click here to download today’s show.

Tomorrow on Earthgauge Radio: James Kunstler (part 2) and The Climate Reality Project

October 17, 2012 Leave a comment

On Earthgauge Radio this week, part 2 of our Earthgauge exclusive interview with James Kunstler, acclaimed and influential author of The Long Emergency and, his latest, Too Much Magic: Wishful Thinking, Technology, and the Fate of the Nation. To air at around 7:08 AM.

I’m also excited to be holding a live, in-studio panel discussion about climate change policy in Canada and The Climate Reality Project (Al Gore’s climate change training initiative). Joining me will be Candace Labelle, VP of Climate Reality Canada; Muni Ahlawat, the Program Officer with the Federation of Canadian Municipalities on their Partners for Climate Protection program; and Charles Hodgson of Ecology Ottawa who produces the excellent blog This is sure to be a far reaching and compelling discussion. Tune it at roughly 7:30 AM.

We’ll also have our usual segment with Kathy of Ecology Ottawa who will bring us up to speed on environmental events and campaigns happening in the Ottawa area (7:50 AM).

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