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Tomorrow on Earthgauge Radio: James Kunstler (part 2) and The Climate Reality Project

On Earthgauge Radio this week, part 2 of our Earthgauge exclusive interview with James Kunstler, acclaimed and influential author of The Long Emergency and, his latest, Too Much Magic: Wishful Thinking, Technology, and the Fate of the Nation. To air at around 7:08 AM.

I’m also excited to be holding a live, in-studio panel discussion about climate change policy in Canada and The Climate Reality Project (Al Gore’s climate change training initiative). Joining me will be Candace Labelle, VP of Climate Reality Canada; Muni Ahlawat, the Program Officer with the Federation of Canadian Municipalities on their Partners for Climate Protection program; and Charles Hodgson of Ecology Ottawa who produces the excellent blog climateottawa.ca. This is sure to be a far reaching and compelling discussion. Tune it at roughly 7:30 AM.

We’ll also have our usual segment with Kathy of Ecology Ottawa who will bring us up to speed on environmental events and campaigns happening in the Ottawa area (7:50 AM).

Earthgauge Radio airs Thursday mornings from 7-8 AM on CKCU 93.1 in Ottawa. News and interviews on environmental stories from across Canada and around the world. Podcasts on iTunes and http://earthgauge.ca. Stream live on www.ckcufm.com.

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