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Deutsche Welle Living Planet 2013 Arctic Diary

September 30, 2013 Leave a comment

This week, Deutsche Welle Living Planet broadcast the first of my audio diaries from the Students on Ice 2013 Arctic Expedition. This first audio postcard captures the reflections of Canadian high school student Gerrit Wesselink as he travels up the western coast of Greenland and across the Davis Strait to Baffin Island and the eastern Canadian Arctic. Gerrit talks about his experiences on the trip, which include polar bear sightings, zodiac cruises in a field of giant icebergs and witnessing first-hand the impacts of climate change in the Arctic.

Click here to listen to the audio diary.

DW Living Planet is an award-winning international program that explores environmental issues facing the world today and analyzes environmental policies,  new technologies,  innovative projects and the state of the planet’s environment.

Arctic expedition radio doc airs on CBC Ottawa

July 31, 2013 Leave a comment

I was fortunate to participate on the Students on Ice 2013 Arctic Expedition this year, which was a tremendous experience. We traveled up the west coast of Greenland by ship and across the Davis Strait to the Eastern Canadian Arctic. I produced a short audio documentary based on the experiences of two of the students on the journey and it aired on CBC Ottawa Morning on Monday, July 29.

Click the audio player above to check it out or right click here to download!

Climate Change News: Arctic summer sea ice decline seems irreversible

September 7, 2012 Leave a comment

“Scientists say this year’s record declines in Arctic sea ice extent and volume are powerful evidence that the giant cap of ice at the top of the planet is on a trajectory to largely disappear in summer within a decade or two, with profound global consequences.

“This extreme melting offers dramatic evidence, many scientists say, that the region’s sea ice has passed a tipping point and that sometime in the next decade or two the North Pole will be largely ice-free in summer.”

For more info, check out this article on the Environmental News Network: Climate Change News: Arctic summer sea ice decline seems irreversible or at Yale Environment 360.

Earthgauge selected news stories for the week of Jan 30

January 31, 2011 Leave a comment

Arctic current warmer than for 2,000 years: study – Scientific American

Brazil approves clearing Amazon for huge new $17 billion power plant – NY Times

Japan rejects Kyoto and starts work on new global climate framework – Reuters

Shark fishing nations are failing in their pledge to protect sharks – BBC News


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