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EG Radio January 31 2013: Obama and climate change | Lisa Friedman | Idle No More

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This week on Earthgauge Radio, we’re talking about President Obama’s new commitment to climate change, the growing problem of environmental “refugees”, and the environmental dimensions of the Idle No More aboriginal movement. We  have 3 interviews on today’s show:

  • Lisa Friedman, Deputy Editor of ClimateWire
  • Stephen Hazell, environmental lawyer and the founder of Ecovision Law 
  • John Smol, biology professor at Queen’s University and Canada Research Chair in Environmental Change

U.S. President Barack Obama’s inaugural address last week gave special prominence to taking action on climate change. Will this translate into concrete action and what does this mean for Canada? Today we take a look at what Obama can actually accomplish and what he won’t be able to do given the fierce resistance of some members of Congress and of course the fossil fuel lobby in Washington. We speak to journalist Lisa Friedman of ClimateWire about the international climate change situation, what Obama is up against in the coming four years, and the growing problem of climate and environmental “refugees”.

Lisa Friedman interview (right click here to download):

Also on the program today Earthgauge contributor Juanita Bawagan gives us a primer on the changes to the Navigable Waters Protection Act and the overhaul of the Canadian Environmental Assessment Act. It’s been said that these and other fundamental changes to environmental legislation and regulations in Canada have been at least partially responsible for fuelling the Idle No More movement that has galvanized Aboriginal Canadians right across the country. Juanita will explain why many First Nations are so upset with what the Harper government has done to environmental protections in Canada.

Also on the program we have our usual update from Kathy of Ecology Ottawa on local environmental events and campaigns.

Earthgauge Radio airs Thursday mornings from 7-8 AM on CKCU 93.1 in Ottawa. Podcasts on iTunes and Stream live on Check out our Facebook page at where we post environmental news stories from around the world.

Right click here to download today’s show.

Earthgauge Radio May 3, 2012: Fish, politics and urban sustainability

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On Earthgauge Radio this week, we’re talking fish, politics and sustainability – not necessarily in that order. We have two interviews for you on today’s show:

  • Chris Henderson, co-convenor of the 3i Sustainability Summit, which is taking place in Ottawa May 4-5
  • John Smol, Biology professor at Queen’s University, who will be talking about the Canadian government’s proposed changes to the Fisheries Act

Earthgauge Radio is broadcast every other Thursday morning at 7:00-8:00 AM on CKCU 93.1 FM in Ottawa. Right click here to download today’s full show.

First on today’s program, we talk to Chris Henderson about the 3i Sustainability Summit. This is a unique project that hopes to bring people from many sectors together to learn and collaborate on a shared mission to advance sustainability initiatives in Ottawa. Chris bring us up to speed on what they have planned for the May 4-5 Summit in Ottawa and how to get involved.

Chris Henderson interview (right click here to download)

Next we take a look at the environmental rollbacks in the federal government’s Budget Implementation Bill, which was introduced this week, and we hear from John Smol who is a biology professor at Queen’s University in Kingston and Canada Research Chair in Environmental Change. He, and many other scientists, are extremely concerned about changes to the Fisheries Act, which are being covertly rammed through Parliament as part of the Omnibus Budget Implementation Bill. John will tell us how the changes being enacted by the Harper government will substantially weaken laws that are meant to protect fish and fish habitat in Canada.

John Smol interview (right click here to download)

We also have our usual segment with Ecology Ottawa who will be updating us on local environmental events and campaigns. And we’ll hear the week’s round-up of international eco-news from Deutsche Welle Living Planet.

Remember that Earthgauge Radio is podcast on iTunes if you type earthgauge into the search bar, you’ll find us. Contact us at . Facebook address is and Twitter handle @earthgaugeCA. Please do get in touch if you have story ideas, a comment on something you’ve heard or want to get involved or contribute to the show.

Upcoming local environmental events (courtesy of Ecology Ottawa):

The month of May is Bike to Work month in the capital. You can sign up for the pledge at In addition to saving on fuel and greenhouse gas emissions you’ll be entered in a draw to win some great prizes.

On May 5, this Sunday, is holding their Connect the Dots event. All around the planet, including Ottawa, people will be gathering to take a photo of a gigantic dot on a sign or banner — each dot representing a local climate impact — and they’ll connect up all the dots to draw the connection between extreme weather and climate change. There are two Ottawa events planned for the Connect the Dots campaign:

What Happened to the World’s Longest Skating Rink?
Saturday, May 5, 11:00 AM
Rideau Canal, Laurier Bridge (by City Hall) Ottawa, Ontario

We will hold up a banner asking where the world’s longest skating rink went this year…with a measly total of 28 skating days, this was less than the number of days in February! What’s going to happen to our beloved Rideau Canal as climate change takes hold in Canada?? Useful articles showing the warming trend for the Rideau Canal:

International Stop The Tar Sands Day
Saturday, May 5, 1:30 PM Parliament Hill, Ottawa Ottawa, Ontario

Tar Covered Zombie Walk: Covered and dripping in ‘oil’ we will moan and groan our way around the front lawn of parliament in protest of governmental and corporate irresponsibility. THINGS TO BRING -FAKE tar/oil that can you feel comfortable covering yourself with. Ways to make fake tar/ oil – Chocolate Syrup – Black Dye – Water Soluble Black Poster Paint – SIGNS that get the message across, preferably comical

Continuing this week after its Earth Day opening is the environmental art show “Where the Wild Things…Aren’t” at the Wall Space Gallery in Westboro. The exhibit, which runs until May 6th, brings together several artists from Ottawa, Toronto and beyond, each of whom responds to the theme of “the human relationship to nature”. For more information, consult the gallery’s website at

The 3i Summit on Sustainability will take place this Friday, May 4th to Saturday May 5th at Lago Bar & Grill at the Dow’s lake pavilion. This event is a unique project that brings change agents, leaders and connectors from many sectors together to learn from each other and collaborate on a shared mission to advance new initiatives for a better community through a focus on practical, tangible ideas to put into action.

On May 9th , there will a Solar Power Workshop in Barrhaven at Mother Teresa High School from 6:45 to 8. Come learn about how you can generate power on your home using solar panels and be paid a premium price for 20 years. Roof shaded? You will also learn about how you can invest in the Ottawa Renewable Energy Cooperative and help solar projects take off in Ottawa. Check the Ecology Ottawa website for RSVP details.

Next Saturday May 12, 2012, Fair Trade Ottawa presents its f first annual wine-and-cheese fundraiser to celebrate the bounty of Fair Trade in Canada’s Capital. Tickets $25 in advance, $30 at the door and Includes one free Fair Trade cocktail! You can buy your tickets at

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