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EG Radio Interview with Chris Turner

October 18, 2018 Leave a comment
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“If Canadians really want to see climate action, we need to hand politicians the political will. If we are willing to punish politicians who don’t put a price on carbon and invest in renewable energy, it might make it a lot easier for them. Right now there is no cost to dumping carbon pricing and very little political gain in supporting it.”

Chris Turner


It was great to have Chris Turner on the show this week. Chris is an expert on sustainability, climate change, cleantech and the global energy transition. He is one of Canada’s leading voices on climate change solutions, and is the author of several books including ‘The Patch: The People, Pipelines and Politics of the Oil Sands’, ‘The Leap: How to Survive and Thrive in the Sustainable Economy’ and ‘The Geography of Hope: A Tour of the World We Need’, (both of which were National Business Book Award finalists). His reporting on energy, climate and sustainability issues has appeared in The New Yorker, The Guardian, The Globe & Mail, The Walrus, Canadian Geographic, and many other publications.

In the interview, we discuss Chris’ recently published article in the Globe and Mail called ‘Clear and Present Danger: The Urgency of Good Climate Policy‘, as well as the politics of carbon pricing and pipelines in Canada.


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