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Earthgauge Radio – July 24, 2018

A Canadian environmental news podcast featuring stories from across Canada and around the world. Broadcast every other Tuesday at 12:00 noon EST on CKCU radio 93.1 FM in Ottawa or online at www.ckcufm.com. Or join me here for the podcast.

On the show this week:

  • A sustainable fashion innovator makes fiber from pineapple leaves
  • An eco-friendly sneaker company reduces carbon output of shoes by 85 percent
  • The Texas supreme court rules cities cannot ban plastic bags
  • Starbucks becomes the largest food and beverage retailer to announce a plastic straw ban
  • Typhoons floods and heatwaves batter Asia
  • Trump administration announces sweeping proposal to weaken the Endangered Species Act
  • Ottawa fails to secure new buyer for Trans Mountain pipeline by deadline
  • Judge throws out New York climate lawsuit
  • Glacier half the size of Manhattan breaks off Greenland
  • Ireland becomes world’s first country to divest from fossil fuels
  • Global population passes 7.5 billion
  • Almost every part of Canada’s largest national park is deteriorating, a federal study says
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