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Earthgauge Radio November 1, 2012: PowerShift 2012 featuring Naomi Klein and Bill McKibben

On Earthgauge Radio this week, we’ll be featuring a wrap-up of the recent PowerShift 2012 conference, which took place over the past weekend in Ottawa and Gatineau. I have two special features on today’s show from PowerShift 2012:

  • Bill McKibben‘s keynote address
  • Media panel Q&A with Naomi Klein

Click the audio player above to stream the show or right click here to download.

We are of course continuing with our annual CKCU funding drive programming today and we have our usual update from Ecology Ottawa on local environmental events and campaigns.

We kick things off with PowerShift 2012, which was a gathering of young people from across Canada intended to strengthen the movement for climate and environmental justice. Over 1500 youth from all walks of life, coming from all across the country joined together in Ottawa and Gatineau for a historic gathering to build the movement for a just and sustainable future.

PowerShift 2012 featured leading voices in the movement to stop climate change and social injustice including Bill McKibben, Naomi Klein, Winona LaDuke and many others; there were workshops and panel discussions related to climate change and environmental injustice; social activities and events; an Action and Advocacy day on October 29th.

We begin today’s show by listening to the keynote address from the conference by Bill McKibben, who is a renowned writer, educator, environmentalist and founder of 350.org, the international campaign dedicated to creating an equitable global climate treaty. In addition to being an author and journalist, McKibben has been a tireless environmental and climate activist. His latest campaign is called Do the Math and this fall, he and 350.org are going on tour across America to lay out the terrifying new math of climate change, explaining the incredible odds we face, and the difficult path we must walk in the coming years to create a livable future for our planet.

We also hear a media panel Q&A from PowerShift with Naomi Klein, who is the author of several books including The Shock Doctrine and No Logo. She is a contributing editor for Harper’s magazine and writes a regular column for the Nation and the Guardian newspaper. She has also written articles for Rolling Stone, the Huffington Post, the New York Times, the Washington Post and the Globe and Mail, among many other publications.

Remember that we are currently in the middle of the CKCU funding drive! As you know, CKCU is a listener supported campus-community radio station. One third of our lean operating budget depends on the generosity of listeners like you and the station would simply not be able to operate without your generous support so once a year for a couple weeks we hold this funding drive. We are all volunteers hosting and producing CKCU programs so the station really does operate on a shoestring but it is expensive to run a radio station as you might imagine. Even a volunteer station like ours costs roughly $50/hour to operate. So think of it this way: if you can donate 50 bucks you are buying one hour of CKCU programming, which in my case translates into one Earthgauge program.

Even if you are not in Ottawa and are listening online or streaming this show on earthgauge.ca or on iTunes, we need your support. Even $10 or $20 will help us reach our goal of $120K. but if you can possibly manage a donation of $50 or $100 it would really help move us in the right direction. Please help us by donating online at  www.ckcufm.com. It’s fast, easy and secure. And please do specify Earthgauge  as the program you’d like to support. This would be kindly appreciated. Thank you!

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