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Tomorrow on Earthgauge Radio: Green Party leader Elizabeth May and the CKCU Funding Drive!

It’s our CKCU Funding Drive special on Earthgauge Radio this week. CKCU is a listener supported campus-community radio station. One third of our lean operating budget depends on the generosity of listeners like you so please donate and indicate Earthgauge (Thursday Special Blend) as the show you want to support.

Even if you are not a regular listener of CKCU but you stream the show on earthgauge.ca or download the podcast on iTunes, I depend on the CKCU studios to produce the program so if you enjoy tuning in, please consider donating. CKCU’s goal this year is $120,000 and I have set a personal goal of $1000 for Earthgauge. It costs CKCU $50/hour every hour of every day to run the station. In other words, your $50 donation would purchase one hour of Earthgauge programming. Of course, smaller donations of $10 or $20 are also welcome and appreciated. Whatever amount you can manage.

Donate online here or call (613) 520-3920 (in Ottawa) or 1-877-520-3920.

Tomorrow on our special fundraising program, I’ll have a live interview with the leader of the Green Party of Canada, Elizabeth May. We’ll be discussing the Conservative government’s new omnibus budget Bill C-45 and specifically their proposed changes to navigable waters legislation. Some commentators have dubbed this Bill the “pipeline protection act” in reference to the dramatic changes to how Canada’s waterways are protected. The 450-page Bill reduces what the government considers “navigable waters” to just 97 lakes listed at the back of the bill, from three million.

We will also discuss the recent sea fertilization dumping incident off the coast of BC and this past weekend’s Northern Gateway pipeline protest in Victoria.

Also on the program tomorrow, we will hear a selection of highlights from some of the best Earthgauge interviews over the past year, including excerpts from Bill McKibben, Naomi Klein, James Hansen, Andrew Nikiforuk, Art Sterritt, Tzeporah Berman, Jeffrey Sachs and James Kunstler.

We’ll also have our usual update from Ecology Ottawa on local environmental events and campaigns.

Earthgauge Radio airs Thursday mornings from 7-8 AM on CKCU 93.1 in Ottawa. News and interviews on environmental stories from across Canada and around the world. Podcasts on iTunes and http://earthgauge.ca. Stream live on www.ckcufm.com.

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