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No Earthgauge Radio show this week

For listeners of Earthgauge Radio (those kind Ottawa folks who set their alarms extra early Thursday mornings to listen to the show at 7:00-8:00 AM on CKCU 93.1 FM), there will sadly be no show this week.

I’m away on the lovely French River near Georgian Bay where I’m seeing and experiencing exactly why a show like Earthgauge is needed. We have a fabulously beautiful country, one that we too often take for granted and that some are inclined to despoil in the name of economic “progress” and “development”. Sometimes it’s important to get out there to see for ourselves just what it is we are fighting for and what others (such as our current federal government for example) seem to be so determined to destroy.

We’ll be back next week. Hope you can tune in. For those out of town, remember that Earthgauge Radio is now available for on-demand listening, whenever and wherever you want to hear it. Just go to the Thursday Special Blend page, click on the show you want to hear, then click the big blue CKCU on-demand play button. Earthgauge Radio is also podcast on iTunes if you type Earthgauge into the search bar, you’ll find us.

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