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New Earthgauge radio show debuts on CKCU FM

Click the audio player to listen to my new show called (surprisingly) ‘Earthgauge’, which is a bi-weekly broadcast every other Thursday morning from 7-8 AM on CKCU 93.1 FM in Ottawa. You can also right click here to download the show.

On this inaugural broadcast, I speak with Carleton professor Derek Mueller about the implications of rapidly melting ice shelves in the Canadian Arctic and the award-winning journalist Andrew Nikiforuk about his latest book on the devastating pine beetle infestation in western Canada and an emerging concept in economics called Energy Return on Investment. As it turns out, as fossil fuel supplies dwindle, we are using up more and more energy just to extract each barrel of oil. He explains why this is potentially a very serious problem for our economy and our environment.

Music on the show from The Besnard Lakes, The Great Lake Swimmers and Elephant Stone.

Earthgauge radio will be bringing you a broad range of stories and interviews over the weeks and months to come. From climate change to economics, sustainability to science and ethics. Local stories to international. We’ll find the people and organizations who are not waiting for political and corporate leaders to do something about our increasingly serious environmental and economic problems. Many dedicated and inspiring individuals are already changing their lives, building a better world and having a damn good time in the process. We’ll find their stories and bring them to you.

Contact me at markdb1 ‘at’ gmail.com if you have any comments, suggestions for stories or if you live in Ottawa and want to get involved with the show. I welcome your input!

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