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Alternatives Journal podcasts – Music issue

My first full podcast for Alternatives Journal, called ‘Rocking the Environment‘ is available on iTunes, Rabble podcasts or from the Alternatives website. I will be producing an audio podcast version of every published issue of Alternatives (10 times per year). This first podcast was on the theme of music and the environment and features an interview with singer-songwriter-activist Sarah Harmer, folk musician Greg Brown and John Timmins of Greenpeace. Here is the the line-up blow by blow. Click the audio player above to stream the podcast or download by right clicking here and selecting Save as or Save target as.

Host Intro (00:00-3:05)

Editorial Overview with Nicola Ross (3:05-10:45)

Sarah Harmer on Mount Nemo, aggregate extraction and her advocacy work with PERL, interview by Nicola Ross (10:45-22:16)

Wisdom and rhythm of the elders pulse through Greg Brown’s veins, interview by Marcia Ruby (22:17-32:48)

“Your Town Now” song by Greg Brown (32:48-36:37)

John Timmins of Greenpeace tells the story of the 1970 Amchitka concert, and the newly released remastered recording, available on CD (36:37-53:13)

“Big Yellow Taxi” Live from the Amchitka concert, song by Joni Mitchell (53:14-56:26)

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