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Earthgauge news for the week of April 18

World Environment News – Q+A: How Does Fukushima Differ From Chernobyl?
“Fukushima has its own unique risks, but comparing it to Chernobyl is going too far. Fukushima is unlikely to have the kind of impact on the health of people in neighboring countries, the way Chernobyl did,” said nuclear specialist Kenji Sumita at Osaka University.

US wolves lose to US politics – Mongabay.com
A ‘rider’ attached to the most recent budget passed this week in the US congress has stripped gray wolves from the protection of the Endangered Species Act, a first in the law’s nearly 40-year-history.

Concerns over herbicide may lead to ban – Vancouver Sun
Agricultural seeds and chemicals giant Monsanto Co introduced the chemical glyphosate to the world in 1974 and has made billions of dollars over the years from Roundup as well as from the “Roundup Ready” corn, soybeans and cotton the company has genetically engineered to survive dousings of glyphosate.

Amid rising voices of alarm, regulators in the United States and Canada are conducting a formal review of glyphosate’s safety, lawsuits are pending and some groups are calling for a global ban.

Hazardous haze envelops Kuala Lumpur – msnbc.com
Malaysia’s leader declared an emergency in two regions Thursday, closing workplaces and calling on mosques to hold special prayers for rain to rid the country of hazardous haze drifting from forest fires in neighboring Indonesia.

UN Report Predicts Eco-Farming will Double Food Production
A recent study by the United Nations, predicts that eco-farming, or ‘agroecology’, could double the crop yield in poor countries over the course of a decade.

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