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Leduc to have electric vehicle charging stations implemented

People driving electric vehicles will be able to connect into charging stations at a municipal-owned parking lot on the corner of 49 Street and 49 Avenue, some 35 kilometers south of downtown Edmonton, by October, according to the city council. 

There are only a handful of charging stations in general between Red Deer and Leduc but no Level 3 "superchargers" for electric vehicle owners traveling through that road. So the city council accepted the plan, which includes a solar carport, a Level 2 charger, and a Level 3 charger. According to the city, each charger would be able to charge two automobiles at once.

This plan came in right after Calgary announced The Convention Centre Parkade, McDougall Parkade, and City Hall Parkade would all get 42 new electric charging stations. Thanks to the Tesla Charging Infrastructure Municipal Grant, the additional charging stations will be erected at no additional expense to the general taxpaying public. Those who utilize the charging stations will only be charged the standard parking amount.

A significant reason behind Ludec’s initiative was to boost electric vehicle tourism in the area. Jen Grebeldinger, who works on the initiative Peaks to Prairies project that aims to encourage visitors to explore the province of Alberta, including all of its hidden gems, says the goal is to create a network of fast-charging stations that will make lengthy road journeys for electric vehicle guests easier.

Things like this are important initiatives when you consider the vastness and topography of Canada."

Mayor Bob Young, who is still looking for ways to boost Leduc's economy, support sustainable practices for businesses, locals and tourists, and work toward greenhouse gas emission countermeasures, says that setting up this electrical vehicle charging infrastructure is another way to put forward the city's sustainable approach.

The infrastructure shall also comprise solar carports for this purpose. This is an excellent method to increase the space's value. The benefit of a solar carport is two-fold. The solar panels provide shade for the automobiles parked beneath them while also capturing the energy from the sun to provide you with economic and green solar power.

The solar carport is expected to lower Leduc's carbon dioxide emissions by around 15 tonnes per year. The city estimates that residents of Leduc currently own roughly 15 to 20 electric vehicles, but that figure is expected to expand in the future years. 

The solar carport is expected to generate $10,000 per year in revenue, covering the city's half of the expenditure in about 15 years. The infrastructure will cost roughly $220,000 to install, according to the town, with a $70,000 grant expected to cover the city's costs.

The carport is intended to generate more power than the car chargers would consume, allowing motorists to charge their automobiles for free.

Most EVs save between $6,000 and $10,000 in total ownership costs during their lifetime, a CR report says. But, of course, you can make more by sitting at home, booking yourself a slot at live, and starting earning!

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